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#Soupporn Tomato-peach-apricot-soup

Feinkost Menzi GmbH

We spent a long time working on the recipes for these young and trend-conscious soups. Through the exquisite selection of the ingre-dients the delicatessen soups are lent their...

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Absolutely Wild Organic Birch Juice with SUPERFOOD

Belorganic e.U.

”Absolutely Wild Organic Birch Juice“ is Europe‘s strong alternative to coconut water: Birch juice, which is sustainably harvested in untouched forests in Northern Europe. Four delicious...

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Acorn Pasta

South Aegean Prefecture

Healthy pasta with OAKMEAL acorn flour and whole-wheat flour. Wonderful, earthy aroma and the taste of organic acorns from the old oak forest on Kea Island in Greece.

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ALB-GOLD Organic Kid´s Pasta – Ocean

ALB-GOLD Teigwaren GmbH

The new Organic Pasta Ocean is expanding the current ALB-GOLD Kid‘s Pasta range (Safari, Farm and Dinosaurs). Under the culinary sea inhabitants in addition to fish, seahorse and dolphin...

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Body&Future Functional Plant Milk Beverage

McCarter a.s.

McCarter brings innovative products and is opening a category of functional veggie milks with fresh pressed juices or purée, plant prote-ins and other functional ingredients. Products of...

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Breakfast Bowl with Açai

Farmers Land Food GmbH

Breakfast bowl with crunchy muesli, fruity acai drops and delicious fruits (strawberry, mango, blueberries), frozen.

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Brooklyn Crafted - Sugar Free Ginger Beer

BCGA Concept Corp

Sugar-free ginger beer, organically sweetened using stevia leaves.

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Caffè LATTESSO Sport

Innoprax AG

With its unique combination between protein and caffeine, LATTESSO SPORT is the ideal power coffee for successful training sessions. 16 g of high-quality milk protein ensure the...

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Camelicious Endurance Drink

Emirates Industry for Camel

Camelicious Endurance Drink is an innovation in the dairy category. With its unique blend of camel milk, honey, ginseng, guarana and other natural ingredients, the drink wakes you up to...

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CHAi BiRDS - ORGANIC POWER DRINK is the first edition of the new beverage generation of CHiA BiRDS GmbH. A drink with the power of nature (ORGANIC POWER PLANT). CHAi BiRDS - ORGANIC...

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Banken Champignons B.V.

Vegetarian burger made of white champignons (75%), in four fla-vours. Free from added E numbers and soya, without artificial aro-mas, colourants and flavourings. Low in carbohydrate, low...

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Cherry and Almond Protein Balls

The Protein Ball Co Limited

A sweet handful of raw pitted dates, free-range egg white protein, juicy sultanas + sour cherries. If you like Cherry Bakewell and want solid protein – then these protein balls are...

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Chia Pearl Jelly Orange & Ginger

Cima-99 Ltd.

The novelty of the Chia pearl jelly is the individually jellied chia seeds we call chia pearls. The delicate taste and the gentle consistency of the Pearl Jelly are result of the exact...

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Cocktail Oatmeal Biscuit with Scottish Seaweed

Stag Bakeries Ltd

A hearty oatmeal biscuit that combines the fines sea salt and a mixture of seaweed that is harvested from the sea levels around the coast of the Hebrides.

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COCO JAZZ - Coconut Bar Protein Plus

Hesco Food Industry Co., Ltd.

COCO JAZZ - Coco Jazz is made from Thailand’s world-renowned coconut plantations and offered in different varieties of natural good-ness from seeds. It is roasted with our proprietary...

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Coconut Milk Rice with thickened cherries

Heinz Funken GmbH & Co. KG

Creamy vegan coconut milk rice with thickened sour cherries.

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Coconut Oil in a Spray Can

Fabio Produkt spol s.r.o.

The coconut oil in the spray can is cold-pressed and not refined. As such it retains its natural coconut taste and scent. The oil is uniquely suitable for cooking or seasoning.

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Cold brew tea

Regency Teas (Pvt) Ltd.

Hyleys cold brewed tea – the secret of the cold brew lies in the steam treatment that is carried out during the production phase in order to eliminate every microbiological presence.

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Delicious Indian snack plate, purely vegetarian

Vepura GmbH

The pure vegetarian/vegan VEPURA dishes such as naan breads, samosas and curry dishes are freshly prepared using natural ingredients without preservatives and then frozen immediately.

• ...

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Fish Pop (Nori Wasabi)

Surapon Foods Public Co.Ltd.

As food waste or food loss is one of the global issues for human con-sumption, Fish Pop (Nori Wasabi Flavor) starts with the foundation of converting tons of wasted surimi from food...

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Fresh Super-chilled Gourmet Butchers Burger

Rangeland Foods Ltd

Shock-chilled gourmet beefburgers that taste like homemade. Manu-factured from freshly produced, minced and immediately cooled Irish beef. Minimally processed, vacuum-packed and...

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Prestige-96 AD.

FRUNU FRUIT & NUT ROLL is 100% natural, full of fruits, nuts and spices. Each piece of FRUNU Roll comprises of precisely 5 ingre-dients, visualised on the front of the packet. All FRUNI...

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Fry´s Vegan Flaxseed Schnitzels

Fry Family Foods Europe GmbH

Rich in valuable omega 3 fatty acids, iron and vitamin B12, these delicious escalopes are the ideal way to a healthy diet. Whereby the taste factor certainly doesn‘t get neglected...

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Gin Tonic Fusion Botanicals in Pyramides

Spices Carmencita

Botanicals infusions for Gin Tonic. Pyramid infusions that aromatize the Gin Tonic. Add a touch of color, flavour and sophistication to your Gin Tonic with the Gin Fusion.

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Goodfella‘s Doner Kebab Stone Oven Pizza

Green Isle Foods Ltd.

New from Green Isle Foods: the doner kebab stone oven pizza. A combination between tastes from the Near East and the traditional pizza. A stone oven pizza base covered with a savoury...

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Greek Salad Pita Snail


Greek Farmer‘s Salad in filo pastry! ”Kihi Greek Salad“ snails are pre-pared in a totally new way: Crispy flaky pastry, kneaded with extra domestic olive oil for a premium-class pita,...

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Green Drink

Bell Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Favourite start to the day, pick-me-up at the office or an after-sport refreshment: Green smoothies are delicious and full of vital energy. The health-conscious wealthy and beautiful...

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Green jackfruit mix with mango sauce / Green jackfruit mix with tomato sauce

Erawan Food Public Co., Ltd.

We created the great two combinations. One of great combination is green jackfruit mix with mango sauce. Second of great combination is green jackfruit mix with tomato sauce. Green...

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Grilled Chicken Breast Filet by Taste Inc.

CPF (Thailand) Public

Taste Inc. A high-quality snack brand, that places great value on  TASTE. The grilled chicken breast filets of Taste Inc. with their excellent nutritional value satisfy the demands of...

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Grillido Sport - Fitness Spicy Sausages

Grillido GmbH

The Grillido Sport is the perfect to-go snack for athletes and diet-conscious meat fans! Around 50% protein and only 6% fat are strong arguments for the delicious protein sensation made...

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Hard Feta Cheese p.d.o.

Polyphemus Fine Dairy Products

Greek feta cheese p.d.o. (protected designation of origin) with a ma-ximum moisture content of only 50%. The reduction of moisture lends this feta cheese a strong taste and a harder,...

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Herbal Tea Infusion


Non-alcoholic tea infusion beverage (rooibos, rosehip, matcha) with fruit juices and herb extracts. Matcha & pear & lemon grass: Just one cup has the same nutritional value as 10 cups of...

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Java House Cold Brew Coffee

Heartland Food Products

Java House is bringing the latest coffee trend to Europe: AUTHENTIC COLD BREW COFFEE. What is special about cold brew? The way in which the coffee is prepared. For the perfect cold brew...

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Kefir with Stevia & Fruit

Koukakis Farm S.A.

KEFIR with STEVIA & FRUIT (strawberry, sour cherry, blueberry). Koukais Farm is presenting a natural, probiotic Caucasian beverage with many healthy characteristics, a delicious taste...

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Kerra Coconut Spread

Stancodex Sdn Bhd

Kerra Coconut Spread is specially formulated using the finest coco-nuts. It has a distinct coconut aroma and tastes so rich that it is just irresistible. With a creamy spreadable...

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KiMs Slow Cooked Crisps

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Danmark

Crunchy, slow roasted crisps in four delicious aromas. KiMs slow roasted crisps are produced with love to good foodstuffs. They are crispy with a pure potato taste and ready to be...

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Leaf tea is the new way of natural detoxification. In the combinations raspberry juice with white tea and cucumber and basil juice with white tea and elderberry infusion. Leaf tea,...

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LeSuperbe Swiss Raclette Gourmet Baking Tray

Lustenberger & Dürst SA

Thanks to the unique ”LeSuperbe Swiss Raclette Gourmet Baking Tray“ it is possible to prepare the slices of raclette directly in the oven without an additional tin. So, the consumer...

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Little Lunch Smoothies

Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH

Fruit salad for the handbag. Experience our delicious organic smoothies in three perfectly matching flavours. They not only touch a nerve of all diet conscious people, they are also a...

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MEVGAL Gourmet, Mint with dark chocolate

Mevgal S.A.

When Authentic Greek Yogurt met mint and dark chocolate they created this indulgent Gourmet yogurt. The MEVGAL yogurt blends harmoniously with the aromatic dew of mint and the sweetness...

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Mint and Chilli Flavoured Più Gusto Potato Crisps

San Carlo Europe SpA

San Carlo Più Gusto, Italian-style crisps: a range that brings creativity and experimenting into the world of crisps. Original potato crisps with unique flavours, which are continually...

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NEW: Cheesepop Emmental

Cheesepop B.V.

Cheesepop is a unique treat that is produced from one single main ingredient: Cheese! Without additives – out of respect for nature. The result: a pure and honest product. And that is...

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Organic Potato Pumpkin Mash for to go by FOODSTER

Zamek Lebensmittelwerke GmbH

The potato/pumpkin puree of the new trend brand FOODSTER meets the taste of the customer in all sections: The modern recipe combines pumpkin with Asiatic spices like curcuma and ginger....

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Organic Vegan Spreadable Fat

Dragsbaek A/S

An organic/vegan spreadable fat that comprises of rape, coconut, shea and almonds. Contains no palm oil and is furthermore gluten- and lactose-free. A high-quality alternative to butter...

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Pafritas - Black Truffle Potato Crisps


Handmade potato crisps with olive oil and black truffle.

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PÖDÖR Sour Cherry Seed Oil

Pödör Premium Öle und Essige

Culinary highlight: Oil from the stone of the sour cherry by PÖDÖR to provide top and hobby chefs with a very special ingredient, PÖDÖR has developed a fine sour cherry stone oil....

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Micarna SA

Food Experience or Save the World? What can get the people from Euro-pean countries to eat insects? Is it the search for new sources of protein, the adventure, the enjoyment or pure...

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Primello Cheese‘n Cake Flamingo

Petri Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG

We love it pink! Creamy soft cheese on cookie-base with pink Marsh-mallows. Our Cheese‘n Cake Flamingo makes you feel good. You can eat our Cheese‘n Cake Flamingo to go thanks to the...

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Protein 22

Graham's The Family Dairy

Graham’s The Family Dairy Protein 22 is made from fresh, award-winning milk, to create a 100% natural and healthy dairy product. A smooth and fruity quark, Protein 22 is available in...

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Protein Crisps

Our Little Rebellion

Who says protein is just for hardcore athletes? We love the way pro-tein makes us feel – strong, powerful, and healthy, but we’re not into the bland bars and powdery messes. Can’t our...

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Proviant NaturCola (organic)

Proviant Fruchtmanufaktur GmbH & Co. KG

After almost 2 years of tinkering around, we succeeded in finding the original ingredients of cola on a natural basis. The outcome is our ”NaturCola“ that ex-clusively comprises of fruit...

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Our Ehrmann Qjo is available in four different types of fruit (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and peach/passion fruit) and as a natural product. It is the ideal source of protein for...

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RAUCH Supersmoothie Green Keeper

RAUCH Fruchtsäfte GmbH & Co OG

Multi-fruit juice with zinc. Fruit content: At least 99.7 %.

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Seaweed salad


A mixed and healthy salad, not made by usual green leaves but with nutrient and delicious Japanese seaweeds. It is known as a low ca-lories healthy food with rich fibers and it has a...

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Sikera „Cedar Tartaria“

UFT Europe GmbH

Sikera „Cedar Tartaria“ – manufactured from the extracts of pine nuts. 40 % alcohol content, matured in oak barrels. The drink has a remar-kable pine nut fragrance and an impressive...

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Super Good Bites

Rafael's Healthy & Tasty Ltd

Snack bites made with no wheat components and no added sugar, with superfoods, chia seeds, and cordyceps. The healthiest way to nourish your body. The natural replacement for a dietary...

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High protein Ice Cream with Authentic Greek Yogurt and superfruits - Blackberry, blueberry, blackcurrant and Cranberry.

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Sweet Potato Baked Potatoes with Herb Curd

Popp Feinkost GmbH

The more and more popular sweet potato convinces with a slightly sweet, nutty taste, healthy ingredients and manifold preparation options. Popp Feinkost is following the trend and...

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The Hamburger from Hamburg - 100% German Heifer

Peter Mattfeld & Sohn GmbH

For our Burger Patties that are traditionally manufactured in Hamburg we exclusively use the meat of German heifers, rounded off with a pinch of salt and pepper. This heifer meat is...

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Turmeric Spaghetti

Divella S.p.A.

By adding turmeric to Italy‘s most famous food product we are proud to present a new pasta flavour: Turmeric Spaghetti.Turmeric is a healthy spice with proven antioxidant, anti-cancer,...

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Vegan Ice-cream made of green Matcha Tea

Corte Diletto

A delicious combination of creamy coconut milk blended with the finest matcha creating a perfectly smooth, aromatic and refreshing dessert. A dairy free delight with no refined sugars.

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Vegan Thuna (not fish!)

Lord of Tofu

There are many reasons for reducing the fish consumption in addition to reducing the meat consumption! Lord of Tofu is offering the appropriate alternative – vegan THUNA (not fish) –...

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Veggies | Healthy bread with vegetables

Boboli Benelux B.V.

Contemporary, wonderful, healthy and colourful bread with vegetables. This concept replaces the slice of bread. Ready in the toaster in just 2 minutes, afterwards top as required. Now...

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Wertvoll ORGANIC Apple / Cinnamon Rice

Estyria Naturprodukte GmbH

Vibrant enjoyment – with the sweet Wertvoll ORGANIC ready-made meal apple/cinnamon rice a delicious, vegan and natural dish compri-sing of purely organic ingredients can be conjured up...

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Whiskey Gherkins & Gin Gherkins

Carl Kühne KG (GmbH & Co.)

Dear ”Gin“tlemen Kühne has mixed something new together. Because subtle German gin is a great match for gherkins. Even without tonic! Spicy junipers and a fresh hint of citrus provide a...

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Yellow lentil spaghetti - More than Pasta

Pedon S.P.A.

“More than pasta” is an innovative range of pasta 100% natural, vegan, high in protein, fiber and rich in iron. It has double protein, ¼ less carbs and 2 times more fiber than regular...

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Zillertaler Alp Milk

ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

Europe‘ first alpine dairy that exclusively processes alpine milk in the summer!At the beginning of June the alpine season begins in Zillertal and with it also the summer freshness for...

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